What does Boltidictionary mean?

Boltidictionary literally means "the dictionary that speaks" and figuratively, "a person who has an encyclopedic knowledge".

What is Boltidictionary?

Boltidictionary is not just a bilingual dictionary that associates audio files with visual illustrations using thousands of photos ; it is primarily a free interactive self-learning tool.

For whom Boltidictionary is designed ?

For any English speaker who wants to learn Hindi.

How to use Boltidictionary ?

  1. The search engine accessible on each of the site pages can quickly help you find the translation of a word or sentence :
    • You can search, for example, for the word "paradise", but also "the gardens of Paradise" or sentences like "Why God created the universe ".
    • If the dictionary has the exact word grouping in its massive database, it gives you the exact page where it is located. Otherwise, it gives you the closest match. 
    • Proverbs, idioms, numerous excerpts from literature and the press, the thematic vocabulary such as the vocabulary of science or the arts are easily accessible.
    • You can, without any knowledge of Hindi, enter your search in English or dictate it to your mobile device. In the latter case, select the "Siri" feature on your Iphone and Ipad or "Iris" on Android. Try it, it's amazing!
    • The search engine displays the results in order of relevance.
    • The words and example sentences are organized in order of increasing difficulty to facilitate learning.
    • The search engine also works from Hindi to English. 
    • If you do not know how to type the Devanagari alphabet on your computer or mobile device, copy what you are searching from the Internet and paste it in your search. 
  2. You can also access the translation of any Hindi word in three clicks if you already know the Devanagari alphabet. Using a tablet or a smartphone is most convenient.
    • If you choose the dictionary section, you have direct access to 76,000 Hindi occurrences organized by the first two letters of a word.  
    • For example, if you are looking for the meaning of the word अजंता, just click on the first letter in the  section of the dictionary. Then अज, you will have access to the list of all Hindi words starting with these two letters, so click simply on the word you are looking for, in our example अजंता.
    • Boltidictionary allows you to experiment serendipitously using the pleasure of discovering new words by chance, fluttering endlessly from page to page.
  3. For each result, audio links let you listen as often as necessary to the pronounciation of a word or phrase to allow you familiarize yourself with the music of the language.

    Boltidictionary will never tire of repeating what is hard for you  to understand. Unlike all the other sites, it is not a computer-generated synthetic voice speaking to you but real Indian speakers chosen for their diction. There are hundreds of hours of recordings that are available once you have access to an internet connection at home, in the office, on the train, in the subway or wherever you are. 

  4. Learning a language is, above all, a journey. Thousands of photos, including yet unpublished pictures of priceless treasures illustrate the dictionary words to help all those who learn better using visual memory while discovering the riches often unsuspected Indian subcontinent outside the box. These photos should be able to inspire you to prepare your own journey.
  5. "Alphabet" provides the basics of the Hindi alphabet and teaches you how to read Devanagari letters very gradually. You can expand your knowledge by reading the words listed in the dictionary and using the audio icon and listening to the accurate pronunciation at the same time.
  6. The "vocabulary" can target your learning to a specific lexical field. This section is designed to facilitate and optimize your memory. Interactive tests are available to check your knowledge and increase your success. 
  7. "Grammar" explains the structure of the language, point by point, for your specific needs. There are exercises to help practice each grammar rule.
  8. "Interactive courses" is designed for beginners who want to acquire the basic knowledge of the language and communicate quickly in Hindi. This is ideal to prepare yourself before a trip to India. You will impress your new Indian friends.
  9. Experience shows that learning a language mainly depends on your motivation and exposure. No computer can ever learn in your place. Your results will obviously depend on your own personal efforts. Being in front of your computer might sometimes be discouraging. We invite you to join our community by registering as a user of this site. You can, if you wish, compare progress to that of your friends or other users. This can provide you with further motivation. Similarly, it will allow us to better understand your problems and improve our methods. Boltidictionary agrees not to disclose any of your personal data to third parties.
  10. So Boltidictionary is harnessing the full power of the Internet and new technologies to help you learn a language that is rarely learnt but is spoken by 800 million people around the world today, and this figure is set to rise rapidly.

The objective of Boltidictionary

Boltidictionary aims to become the global standard bilingual dictionaries from both Hindi to English and English to Hindi. It has now in its online version, over 76 000 pages and for thousands of them, dozens of examples of words used in different contexts. However, the true wealth of Boltidictionary is you!

Help us Improve Boltidictionary 

Boltidictionary is a collaborative website where everyone can participate by sharing knowledge, offering translations and photos, testifying about its user experience, informing us of misprints, sharing your comments on contacts@boltidictionary.com. This would benefit us all and facilitate our language learning.

Do You Like Boltidictionary ?

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