User chapter

As a user of the BOLTIDICTIONARY, you are responsible for your publications and your use of the website. Publications include all content submitted, published or distributed on the site by you or other users. By content elements, we mean texts, photos, videos, and discussions in the interaction spaces of our social networks (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).

In general, BOLTIDICTIONARY reminds you that BOLTIDICTIONARY does not guarantee the truthfulness, completeness, exhaustiveness or accuracy of the comments disseminated via the site by other users. You acknowledge that you will use Bolti in accordance with these general conditions of use, the user charter and the privacy policy.

BOLTIDICTIONARY reminds you that it is strictly forbidden to carry out any act of cybercrime: that is to say, infringements against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of access, contents/data and computer systems of the site, without this list being exhaustive.

You thus undertake to comply with the rules of computer ethics and in particular not to intentionally carry out operations that could result in :

  Usurp the identity of others;
  Appropriate the password of another user;
  Modify or destroy information that does not belong to you;
  Access information belonging to other users without their authorization;
  Logging in or attempting to log in to an account without authorization;
  Allow someone to use your username and/or password; - Hijack any of the features of the site from its normal use;
  Damage, disable, overload or impair the server or network.

This list could be completed in compliance with current legal and regulatory provisions.

You further undertake not to attempt to gain unauthorised access to the website, not to collect without authorisation any information stored on the site, its servers or associated computers by any means not intentionally made available by the website.
In addition, you undertake to comply with the legal and regulatory provisions in force. It is therefore strictly forbidden to hold :

  remarks of a racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, LGBTphobic, negationist, pornographic, paedophile nature;
  insulting, defamatory, or invasive of privacy, and more generally to the personality rights of any person;
  remarks that violate human dignity;
  statements inciting violence, suicide, terrorism, the use, manufacture or distribution of illegal substances;
  statements inciting or condoning crimes or offences, in particular crimes against humanity;
  to infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties (in particular texts, photographs) or the right to a person's image (publication of a photograph of a person without authorization) for which you do not have the necessary authorizations from the authors and/or assignees;
  intentionally publish false, erroneous or misleading content;
  to publish content promoting profit-making services.

This list may be completed in compliance with current legal and regulatory provisions.

You also undertake to :

  To respect the intellectual property rights relating to the contents published on the site, as well as the intellectual property rights of third parties in accordance with the conditions of use specific to each photo published on the site ;
  Respect the privacy of other users and, more generally, not to infringe their rights;
  Not to infringe on the confidentiality and security of personal data concerning the users of the site;
  Not to collect in any way whatsoever information about users, including their e-mail addresses, without their consent.

In the event that a user fails to comply with any of the aforementioned rules, BOLTIDICTIONARY reserves the right to block access to all or part of the services of the website, either temporarily or permanently, without any compensation and without notifying the user.

BOLTIDICTIONARY also reserves the right to withdraw all or part of the contents, information and data of any kind that the user has put online on the website.